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How to Make Viral Content

“It’s gone viral”.

We have all seen a meme or video that has “gone viral”. Viral content is something that is shared over and over again by people all over the world on the internet. Even though viral content tends to be short lived, creating it is a great way to get your company noticed by millions of people.

Viral content is nothing about luck, although that may seem that way. Content goes viral because it has been carefully planned out to do so. We’re going to give you a few tips to help your own content go viral.

Get Started!
First, you have to have a viral marketing plan. Without a plan, there’s no way any content will be shared over and over. Tap into people’s emotions, instead of working on branding the content. Consumers who view viral content and have a strong emotional response are 8.4 times more likely to trust the company. Stay away from trying to target a certain demographic, as viral content speaks to any and all people. Your website should be set to handle a large number of visitors. Check on your SEO and that the website design is simple and easy to use.

What Type of Content to Make
The best content that becomes viral is video and memes, like Baby Yoda or the “I’m an Artist Now” which is duct taping random objects to a wall. There’s a wide variety of ways to implement this content that will grab people. You can come out of left field with a shocking video. Go forth with a lot of humor. A great example of this is Blendtec’s “Will it Blend” videos. Instead of blending the usual items, like food, they blended electronics, canned foods, and annoying Valentine’s Day gifts. It’s hilarious and their YouTube channel has over 289,972,131 views!

You can also try outlandish practical tips with your products. It could be “40 Ways to wear a Bellydance Veil” or “Pizza Dough Dos and Don’ts”. Take a product and give the audience practical and impractical tips for use. Make them laugh and be as out there as appropriately possible.

Common or Unusual?
We’ve talked about the usual suspects for viral content, like humor, using animals, or parodies. If you want to venture on the wild side, try content that uses professional stunts (if you have the budget), taps into current pop culture, or film your reactions to a trending video.

As you can see, viral content can greatly propel your company into the spotlight and have you seeing increased profits and conversions! This is a great creative outlet for your marketing strategy as a whole, and let’s you think outside the box.

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